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Revolutionizing the Hydrogen Market: Design Innovations Leading the Charge

How CPC-Cryolab's breakthrough in bellow sealed valve technology led to the standard in hydrogen valve technology in the 21st century.

By CPC-Cryolab's Stan Levandowski and Ryan Felsenthal, Liquid Hydrogen and Helium SMEs.

While the CV8BS may not be a new design, its significance and reliability in the market make it a cornerstone in safety and preventing fugitive emissions, particularly in microelectronic and hydrogen applications. 

With meticulous attention to detail, the CV8BS features a bellows seal design that effectively prevents leakage through the stem, even for the smallest molecules, such as hydrogen. This innovation addressed a critical need in industries where the containment of gases is essential. 

The CV8BS's initial design traces back to the government-funded Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) project of the 1990s. Amidst intense competition, CPC collaborated with design engineers from the SSC to understand and fulfill the stringent project specifications for helium liquefiers. During this time, CPC built thousands of liquid helium valves, more than any other valve supplier at one time in history. This collaboration demonstrated CPC's technical expertise and led to the successful qualification of the bellows seal through rigorous testing procedures, ensuring unmatched reliability. 

Over the years, CPC-Cryolab's commitment to excellence has remained steadfast. With over 1M cycles of linear and rotational testing yielding zero failures, our bellow seal valves are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. As the microelectronics era transitioned into the commercialization of hydrogen, CPC-Cryolab adapted to meet the industry's evolving demands. 

With the emergence of commercial hydrogen applications, a need arose for lightweight and economical valves without compromising on the quality that the market has become accustomed to. The merger between CPC and Cryolab in 2000 facilitated the development of the CV8BS, a lightweight valve with bellows seal technology that ensures zero leakage for hydrogen applications. This milestone solidified CPC-Cryolab's position at the forefront of the industrial revolution in hydrogen, providing valves for liquid applications and essential components supporting the hydrogen ecosystem. 

Stan Levandowski with our CV8 Series Valve and a CV8BS 8-inch Valve
Stan Levandowski with our CV8 Series Valve and a CV8BS 8-inch Valve

At CPC-Cryolab, our commitment to innovation and quality has always been at the heart of everything we do. From our earliest designs catering to microelectronic applications to the groundbreaking CV8BS tailored for the hydrogen industry, we continue to lead the way in cryogenic valve technology.  


Join us in shaping the future of cryogenics with CPC-Cryolab's unmatched expertise and reliability.  


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