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0  -  300  PSIG

Introducing the CK8082 cryogenic check valve from CPC-Cryolab, born out of necessity during the aerospace industry's demand for a robust vacuum-jacketed check valve solution. Engineered to surpass industry standards, this valve offers unparalleled reliability, eliminating concerns of bellows failures commonly encountered in similar applications. Designed specifically for liquid hydrogen environments, the CK8082 embodies our commitment to excellence in aerospace, energy, and research sectors. Ensure uninterrupted operations and maximize productivity with CPC-Cryolab's CK8082, setting the benchmark for hydrogen management in demanding cryogenic environments. Step into the future of cryogenic check valve technology with CK8082.




  • Vacuum Jacketed or Non-Jacketed

  •  Bubble Tight Shut-Off

  • Redundant Packing Seals

  • Axially Bolted Bonnet or High Seat Loading

  • Low Heat Leak Extension

  • Self-Centering Plug

  • Quality Investment Cast Body for High Flow Values

  • Easy Inline Maintenance


Customization, tailored, drawing



  • Cold Box Cuff

  • Ported Bonnet (Overseat Purge)

  • Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

  • Positioners & Position Indicators

  • Limit Switches

  • Linear & Equal % Flow Plugs

  • Special Extended Length for Helium Service

  • Higher Rated Working Pressures


CK8082 Check Valve
Settings, operations


Operating Ranges:

  • Temperature: -456°F to +300°F (-273°C to +149°C)

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 300 PSIG

Material of Construction:

All major structural components are 300 Series Stainless Steel

  • Seat Seal: PCTFE

  • Packing: PTFE or Graphite

  • Gasket: Glass Filled PTFE



  • External Leakage: Mass spec. to 1x10-9scc GHe/sec

  • Seat Leakage: Bubble Tight to 150 PSIG

  • Proof Pressure: 330 PSIG (ambient)


Valve Size:

1/2" to 4"

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